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We Will Remember

I am sorry that we are not able to gather either outside or inside church on remembrance sunday this year. We will remember today for a long time as we are in the midst of our own battle with Covid 19.

As we take time to remember lets look back and recall those we want to give thanks for – for men and women who gave their lives for their country and lets bring to mind those involved in conflict across the world today – for those whose homes were demolished just this week on the West Bank, for the ongoing conflicts in Africa, for those fighting for their freedom of speech and human rights in Middle East and across the world. for those that raise arms across the world, and for acts of terrorism committed closer to home in Europe.

We will remember.

And as we give thanks lets also remember the emergency services, the key workers involved in all of the wars and conflicts and in our own struggle with Covid 19. We give thanks and pray for strength and courage for all of our NHS staff, our police and 0emergency services, our shop workers our teachers and lecturers, and all those in frontline services.

We will remember

I wonder what it is you remember?

Maybe there are some things that you would rather forget?

At the beginning of our online gathering today we saw footage from last year of 750 000 poppies dropped over the white clifs of Dover last year to as an act of rememberance. To remember the fallen a war torn Dakota plane with veterans on board from WW2 took a dramatic journey over the south coast.

We will remember

We remember so that we dont forget.

We remember so that we dont repeat our mistakes.

We remember so that we can strive for peace.

May we take the first step toward peace with the people we meet.

May we seek to bring healing where we can.

May we work towards justice for all humanity.


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