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Advent Angels - week 4

Take a few moments each day to read/listen and reflect on the stories in the Advent Angels booklet. We hope these thoughts and questions will help ...

A recording of the stories will be released each day on the St Andrews Dentons Green Facebook page and on our You Tube Channel. For more information about Advent Angels, visit our website

Monday 21st December ... RESCUE- The Storm

The apostle Paul was on a mission from God - to share the good news of Jesus with people right across the Roman Empire. What better way than to go to the capital city of Rome? So Paul was on a ship sailing across the Mediteranean Sea to Rome, and that could be dangerous then, just as it can still be today. Then, In the midst of a storm, when things were looking bad and hope was failing, an angel appears. The angel brings a message of promise which gives hope to Paul, But its not just for him, its also for everybody else on the sinking ship. The ship won't make it, but Paul and all the people with him would swim to safety. You see, God doesn't promise an easy life, but he does promise to be with us in the storms.

  • I wonder what challenges you are facing in your life?

  • Why not ask God to help you at your point of need?

  • I wonder if you have stories you could share with others to encourage them and inspire faith and hope.

Tuesday 22nd December ... SERVE - Messengers

Today's reading is part of a letter rather than a story. The letter is in the Bew Testament and is about Jesus. Its about how Jesus is the fulfilment of God's plans and promises in the Old Testament. The main point of this part of the letter is simple - angels are God's messengers, sent to help people, and for that we can be thankful. But Jesus is greater than any angel. Its Jesus, who came into the world to show us most clearly what God is like. Its Jesus, the Son of God who deserves our loyalty and worship more than anything or anybody.

  • I wonder what difference it makes to you knowing that God sends angels to guide and help people?

  • I wonder what you know about Jesus and if you would like to know more?

  • I wonder how you could show that Jesus is number one in your life?

Wednesday 23rd December ... HOSPITALITY – Be Ready!

Todays reading doesn't really need much explanation. It invites us to action, welcoming people, caring for them in practical ways, sharing what we have with people in need. And its a reminder that we may not always recognise Gods angels. They may appear as very ordinary people, even as people in need. This reminds me of sonething Jesus said: "whatever you did for the least of these people, you did for me."

  • I wonder how this could change the way you respond to others?

  • I wonder what you could do to care for people in practical ways this Christmas?

Thursday 24th December ... WORSHIP HIM - Past, Present, Future.

John's vision in the last book of the Bible is sonetimes wierd as well as wonderful. And guess what... angels feature again and again. Written at a time when it was dangerous to be a Christian in the Roman Empire, it was a coded way of encouraging the followers of Jesus. God would win the battle between good and evil. God would put right the wrongs and the injustices in the world. Earthly empires and rulers would ve replaced by God's realm. God would renew and restore the world, no more sickness, no more death, no more grief. God with a renewed humanity, in all its diversity, living together in harmony, and joining together with the angels, to worship God in all his glory, goodness and love. What a hope! In the meantime, God invites us to join in with his work. Its not just for angels!

  • I wonder how you feel when you look at whats going on in the world?

  • I wonder if John's vision inspires hope in you?

  • I wonder how you could join in with Gods kingdom work in the year to come?

This is the last batch of Advent Angel reflections. Wishing you a blessed Christmas. For more Christmas content from St Andrews, visit St Andrews Dentons Green Facebook page our You Tube Channel or our website.

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