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About Us

Who we are, what we believe, what we do


Faith, Community, Justice

Welcome to St. Andrews. We are a Church of England Church, part of the Liverpool Diocese and we can be found in Dentons Green, St. Helens. We are a group of all kinds of people with all kinds of questions coming together to discover more about Jesus, each other and God's amazing plans for us and our world. We are on an exciting journey along with a number of other churches across St. Helens to get Fit for Mission - a new way of looking at church and mission.

In a busy and challenging world we are a people on a journey of growing in faith. We don't have all the answers, but in Jesus we are accepted into a life of worship, a life of both joy and sacrifice, and a life of learning more about his abundant love and grace. We are a community who walk together on this path, who encourage each other along the way, building relationship, family and a culture of honour. We are asking God to give us a Bigger Church to make a Bigger Difference in the world. We want to see more people coming to know Jesus and more justice in all areas of life - in St. Helens, the UK and the world.

At St. Andrews you will find a place to come as you are, to journey together, to be encouraged and learn about discipleship; and we would love for you to join us.

Who We Are
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Knowing Jesus, Growing in Jesus, Showing Jesus

We believe that in Jesus we have life and life in all its fullness, and we enjoy nothing more than to share this good news with others. But for us to really show Jesus, to share this good news, we first must know Jesus and grow in his abundant grace.

We believe in the word of God, and this is given to us in the form of scripture. We are a community who listen to God's word, and the Bible can teach us and refresh us every day. Our Sunday gatherings include a word from scripture and teaching to support this. We believe that scripture helps to form the cornerstone of our faith and is a vital part of our worship. We believe that worship should be inclusive and at St. Andrews we have a varied style of worship from contemplative to lively, for young and old.

We believe that fellowship and community help us to grow in Jesus. Our Sunday worship is one piece in a larger tapestry that brings us closer to a deeper relationship with the Father. Often, we can have questions about scripture and what we hear on a Sunday. To know Jesus more, to grow in Jesus, we have a number of communities and groups that you can get involved with. These allow time to study the bible, to chat, to ask questions and to enjoy fellowship and food together.

We believe that showing Jesus comes from knowing him and growing in him. We can all show Jesus by living a life of Kingdom values, encouraging a culture of honour and respect, and having the faith to share our own unique stories with others. All of us have a story to tell, whether we are at the start of our journey or looking to take that first step, or have been on the road for a long time. We would love to hear your story.

What We Believe


Our Vision

A number of years ago we met as a community to pray, discuss and look ahead to our future and the journey we are on together. Our vision was very simple and guides everything we do.

What We Do
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We all need to take the time to spend with God, to make space to be still and rest in his presence. Prayer is powerful. It is our direct line to the Father. It is in our time of prayer that we can speak to the Lord, to bring our joys and our sorrows, our challenges and our victories, and to thank him.

We believe prayer should be our starting point, our springboard into new and exciting things, it is where we have these conversations with God and discover the way forward for ourselves and our community. We don't have to use big words or fancy language, we just need to be honest and to listen for what he is saying to us. It is through the power of prayer that the Father equips us, grows us, and encourages us to go out into our communities, our nation and the world.

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Growing closer to God and entering into a relationship with him is the best thing we can do with our lives. Becoming more like Jesus is essential for authentic Christianity. We call this discipleship, and as a community we seek to provide an environment to allow this to happen.

We believe that by learning together, praying and encouraging each other, we will grow in faith and discipleship. This is why our communities and groups that meet during the week are so important to us. Coming together in a space of encouragement, support and fellowship is another way God equips us to share in his good news. We can't do it alone. We depend on the strength of the Father and the support of his disciples on this journey.

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Our calling is an adventure, whatever that might be for you. It isn't always easy, we don't have all the answers, and often your journey can take you to unexpected places. But, if we start with prayer and continue with prayer, Jesus walks alongside us through the familiar and the unknown.

Your Christian brothers and sisters are a huge source of support, they have been put here to encourage you and even challenge you. As disciples, we seek to continually pray and learn how to be more like Jesus to equip ourselves. A Christian life will be the greatest adventure you will know.

Praying, growing and going isn't a 3 step process, it's a constant rhythm on our greatest adventure!


We're an Eco Church

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We take part in A Rocha UK's award scheme for churches in England and Wales who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God's earth. To achieve this award, we have undertaken various tasks and responsibilities as well as teachings, all designed to help us and our church to express our care for God's world in areas such as:

  • Worship and teaching

  • How we look after our buildings and land

  • How we engage with our local community and in global campaigns

  • The personal lifestyles of our congregations

The vision for A Rocha is for churches of all denominations to care for creation as an integral part of loving their neighbours and following God faithfully. Here at St. Andrews we have been awarded the Bronze Eco Award, and are now actively working towards silver!

You can learn more about how Eco Church works here.

Eco Church

Go and make disciples of all people everywhere.

Matthew 28

Meet the Team

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Chris Daniel

Team Rector

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Fran Nunn


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Tim Matthews


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Stephen Holland


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Joyce Prescott

Church Warden

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Dan Winrow

Worship Leader

Meet the Team
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