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Lets pray!

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning since lockdown, some members of St Andrews church have been meeting online via Zoom to pray together. Anybody is welcome to join in. Here's an idea of what its like... 

Its almost 9am. The Zoom meeting is open and one by one people are coming into the "waiting room" and joining the meeting. People join via their computer, tablet or smartphone. Most have their camera on, so people in the meeting can see their faces, but one or two may choose to keep their camera off.  We say hello to one another. Then, a couple of minutes later, the images of peoples faces are replaced by a slideshow as we begin. 

After some opening prayers and responses, we often read a psalm and another passage of Scripture. We spend a few minutes talking about the bible reading. Different people share how the bible reading spoke to them. Its encouraging, enlightening and thought-provoking. We learn a lot from one another!

Then, inspired by Scripture, we pray together for the world, for people we know are in need, for the church, and for ourselves. Some people pray aloud. Others pray quietly. All are "heard" by God. I dont know about you, but sharing in other people's prayers often helps me to pray more widely and deeply.

We round our prayers up by saying the Lords prayer together and we often close with some sort of blessing for the day ahead.  The slides disappear and a screen full of familiar faces returns. Some people say goodbye and leave quickly, others stay and chat for a few more minutes.

St Andrews prayer hubs currently happen on Zom at 9am every Tuesday & Thursday for about 30 minutes. For those who aren't going out early to work, this is a great way to start the day. One of the regulars says " Tuesday and Thursday morning prayer hubs have provided a welcome rhythm and spiritual dimension to my prayer life and also to my week." Why not give it a try? 

For details of how to access the prayer hubs, please see the weekly St Andrews Connect email or contact [email protected]

If you can't make it on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, but would be interested in starting a St Andrews prayer hub at a different time of the week, please contact Nick on [email protected]

If you want to ask the prayer hubs to pray for you, please visit  and enter your prayer request. This will be passed on to St Andrews clergy and prayer hub leaders. (n.b. please only share personal information about somebody if you have their permission to do so.)

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