The hole is prepared in the ground...


The world arrives...


The world is positioned...


The world is cemented into place...


The world - ready to receive all kinds of plastic bottle tops.

IMG_3064 (1)

Topped with an image of peace, hope and future for the world.

Our Eco World for Our Community

As you pass our church you will notice that we have a new interactive art installation on our front lawn.

We are aiming to become a recognised Eco-Church and have been seeking ways to become more environmentally friendly but also to advocate for individuals and families to do more to combat the damaging effects of our lifestyle on the earth.

Last year our youth group were awarded a grant to enable them to focus on exploring what our faith has to say about caring for the world and developing social action to minimise the problems.

This has culminated in this beautiful installation of a depiction of the world, inspired by an installation 'Edith the Rhino' on Betswy-Coed Railway Station. Ex-professional rugby player turned blacksmith, Gerralt Evans, took our ideas and created the world with an opening at the top to collect plastic bottle tops. Anyone can come and put plastic bottle tops in our easily accessed lawn at any time. As the world fills up it will be filled with all of the colours of the rainbow and will act as a reminder and encourager to our local community to recycle and reuse as much as possible. The bottle tops will be periodically removed and recycled and used in other art projects.