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Advent Angels - week 1

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Take a few moments each day to read and reflect on the stories in the Advent Angels booklet. We hope these thoughts and questions will help ...

A recording of the stories will be released each day on the St Andrews Dentons Green Facebook page and on our You Tube Channel. For more information about Advent Angels, visit our website

Tuesday 1st December ... PROMISE - The Three Visitors

Sarah and Abraham were past the age of having children. Then three mysterious visitors arrived at their home. They came with a message – a promise from God and a question about God. The word which we translate angel literally means “sent ones” or “messengers”, so perhaps they were angels?!?

  • In this story, what was the promise the visitors shared?

  • What was the question the visitors asked?

  • I wonder how you would answer that question?

Wednesday 2nd December ... DELIVER – The Story of Gideon

The people of Israel were hiding in fear from the surrounding people and they called out to God to save them. God responded by sending an angel to someone named Gideon.

  • From this story, how would you describe Gideon?

  • What message did the angel bring?

  • I wonder why God chose someone like Gideon to rescue Israel from their enemies?

Thursday 3rd December ... OBEY – Song to God

These words are based on the words of a spiritual song in the Bible. There are 150 of them in the book of the Bible called Psalms. This one is a short form of Psalm 103. It encourages people to remember the goodness and greatness of God and to respond with thanks and praise.

  • What does this song say about angels?

  • What do you feel most grateful for?

  • I wonder if you could write your own poem or song about it?

Friday 4th December ... FORGIVE – The smoke-filled temple

Isaiah sees a vision of God in the temple and there’s lots going on. If I tried to draw a picture of it, there would be a temple, smoke, God sitting on a throne with a huge royal robe, angels flying and singing, and the walls shaking. No wonder Isaiah felt afraid! But an angel comes with a reassuring message for Isaiah.

  • What impression does this story give you of God?

  • What promise does the angel bring to Isaiah?

  • I wonder why God chose Isaiah to be his messenger rather than just sending angels?

Saturday 5th December ... PROTECT – Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Because of his faith in God, Daniel gets into big trouble with the law in Persia! But he kept on praying for God to protect him from the lions. Thankfully, Daniel survives the night and is released the next day. The lions were no match for a powerful angel sent by God. God had protected him!

  • What do you think of Daniel’s decision to keep on praying even though it put him in danger?

  • Do you know of other people who got into trouble for doing what they believed was right?

  • I wonder what you would risk your life for?

Sunday 6th December ... CREATION – Why God?

Questions …. Who? What? Where? When? How? Why? Like Job, the man in today's story, do you have questions you would like to ask of God? But like Job, have you ever thought that God might have questions for you? There’s a time for asking questions and seeking answers. But this story reminds me that there is a time to put questions to one side. There is a time to simply rejoice or stand in awe, just as the angels shouted for joy as they saw God’s creative power at work. I wonder if the angels have questions too?

  • No more questions today …

  • Just take time to look at the world and be glad ...

  • Or stand in awe and wonder!

Look out for the next batch of Advent Angel reflections on the St Andrews Blog on Sunday 6th December.

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