Image by Jayne Burton

Poppies - Our Act of Remembrance

Due to current restrictions, on Sunday 8th November we will hold a short simple act of remembrance on Facebook LIVE, starting at 10.45am. To help mark the occasion we will be adding home made poppies to the lawn in front of our globe. You are invited to make a poppy or a few and add them to the garden the day before, on the day or through the week up to Remembrance Day. You can make any kind of outdoor poppy that you would like but two suggestions are:

1. A recycled bottle poppy - instructions below

2. If you crochet or knit could you tie a poppy flower to a stream of poppies attached to a piece of net on the globe. There are many free patterns available through a quick internet search to make something like those in this photo:


How to make your recycled bottle poppy

You will need:

  • A plastic bottle (any size)

  • A drill or a pair of scissors

  • Red, black and green acrylic paint or permanent markers

  • A paintbrush

  • Hairdryer

  • Wire (florists wire)

  • Black button or bead

  • Stick (for stem)



  1. Cut off the bottom of a bottle (4 -7 centimetres).

  2. Use a drill or a pair of scissors to make a hole in the bottom of the bottle.

  3. Snip off bits of the bottle to make petals (rounded will be best).

  4. Paint the inside of the poppy with red acrylic paint or colour with a marker. Leave to dry.

  5. Cut a 7 cm circle from the remains of the bottle and make a hole in the centre.

  6. Paint the circle black or colour it with a marker. Leave to dry

  7. Repeatedly cut from the outside of the circle inwards to fringe it (don’t cut to the hole).

  8. Cut a piece of wire to about 20cm long.

  9. Next thread a black bead or button onto the wire and put both ends through the black circle.

  10. Heat the outer edge of the black circle with a hairdryer until it curls (this may take a while).

  11. Pass the wire through the red poppy base and pull.

  12. To make a green calix, cut a large circle out of the remaining bottle pieces and make a hole in the middle.

  13. Shape it into a starfish shape and paint it with green acrylic.

  14. Thread this onto your poppy.

  15. Use the wire to attach the poppy to a stick.

  16. Finally use a hairdryer to curl the edges (it will take a while to curl the petals).

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