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You are loved...

If you are here because you're just wondering,

or here because you wish it was true.

If you're here because you have never truly felt loved,

or here because you knew love but have pushed it away.

If you are here because you were told you were not loved,

or here because you're scared the real you is outside of love...

You are loved.


If you are here because you are hopeful or here because you are desperate...

You are loved.

You are loved by a God who is merciful and gracious,

slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love for you.

This love, endures forever.

This love rejoices over you with singing.

This love is patient, kind, forgiving and full of hope.

This love is free and for you.


If you seek this love, just ask God.

Here is a community of people who have been all of these things.

You are welcome to share and experience God's love here.

Whoever you are.