A place to relax, rest and pray

Come In: Relax, Rest and Pray

A few years ago we took part in a huge mosaic community art project instigated by our youth and children. The mosaics were made by hundreds of people each adding their small part to the design. This reminds us of the situation we all find ourselves in now – each doing our own small thing to help create the bigger picture of supporting the most vulnerable in our society. As we continue to adapt to the world around us, we are a small piece in the mosaic of the challenges we face, but each of us is an essential part. We can add more small parts of colour to the mosaic at this time by doing what we can to stay in touch with friends and neighbours – a phone call, a text message, some conversation and connection are essential at the moment.


We can also pray. On the next sub pages you will find a reflection about the first of our mosaics in the garden – the doves, with a prayer to start your own prayers. Perhaps you will remember where you placed some parts of the mosaic.


If you are out for a walk or run to exercise alone or with those you live with and live locally to the church, you can easily take a step sideways through our open gates into the front garden of the church on Dentons Green Lane. Stand for a moment and take in the beauty of the mosaics, pray for all those who were part of making them, wherever they are now. Pray for everyone who is now part of creating a life mosaic of each of us doing our part to encourage each other, to protect each other and particularly for those with key jobs on the frontline of this situation.


Come in and explore, to rest, to pray. Feel free to add your own creation to our garden, and why not share it with us via our Facebook page?