Our Fish

The second mosaic in our garden depicts fish, swimming among the changing blue tides of the waters. 

Fish appear in many places throughout the bible. They are there as a distinct important part of the created world at the beginning. Its a great big fish that swallows up Jonah and sets him back on the right path. Peter and Andrew, the fishermen are called to follow Jesus and become fishers of men. A young child offers the small amount of food they have including fish which Jesus uses to bless thousands.

As you look at the fish mosaic you can pray for God who is constant throughout creation to be present with you, your loved ones and all those you are worried about at the moment.


You may want to use this prayer:

Lord God of all creation,

as we consider the life giving fish of the waters

we recall that you have always provided

for your creation.

Be with those who work,

particularly those on the frontline at the moment - that they would be able to bring your peace

and comfort in to the lives of those

who are scared and isolated.

Please take the small offering that we have to share - the smallest of gift - our time, skills, money

and miraculously use them to bless many people.


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