Our Doves

The first mosaic in our garden depicts doves flying in a sky of mixed blues and mirrors reflecting the passing light.

Doves have been a part of the story of God from the very beginning of time when God's Spirit, Ruach, is depicted as a dove brooding over the waters. The Dove becomes a sign of hope and a message from God during the story of Noah and the ark, bringing news of the end to the time of being restricted to life on board. Then when Jesus is baptised, the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove. It was this same Spirit that led Jesus into the wilderness through a time of great testing.

The dove then has long since been a symbol of God's presence dwelling with us, active in creation, accompanying us in the hardest of times, wherever we are.

As you look at the dove mosaic you can pray for God's Spirit to be with you, your loved ones and all those you are worried about at the moment.


You may want to use this prayer:

Holy Spirit,

constantly present in creation,

as you brooded over the waters

at the beginning of time,

be present here with us now.

As you anointed Jesus

for a ministry of radical hospitality,

care for the poor and outcast, of truth and peace;

give us the fruit of the Spirit of love, peace, faithfulness, gentleness, patience,

kindness and self-control,

that they would grow in our lives

as we seek to serve others safely.

Guide and protect us in our wilderness struggles and show us the signs of God present with us

as we look for signs of hope and peace.

In Jesus name we pray.


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