Cultivate in St Helens

Our first opportunity to come together and spend time with each other as a new larger parish is open to absolutely all adults. (The content is also suitable for older teenagers coming with an adult)


It is free.

There are no tests or exams!

This is our chance to get together over 8 weeks to begin a journey of praying, dreaming and imagining together all of the ways that God is making possible for us to help more people meet Jesus and more people encounter the justice and compassion of God through our actions and communities.

We want as many people as possible to join us on either Tuesday afternoons or Thursday evenings - come with friends and make new friends.

To sign up takes 30 seconds by filling in this form:

Listen to a reflection from St Andrews on 4th September:

Cultivate Reflectionfrom St Andrews 4 September
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Why is it so urgent for us to think about new ways for people to first experience a faith community, find a place to belong, a place to contribute and in all of that, encounter Jesus? 


How can planting worshipping communities help us live out God's justice in His world, demonstrating and telling others of the transforming nature of God's love and grace for everyone?


How can we respond together, with excitement and hope to the opportunities to increase worshipping communities and justice initiatives that emerge in every locality and network of our area?


How can we turn our prayers, passions, skills and ideas into reality together. What will we need, how will we be supported, what do we do next?

The 8 week starter course


Why are we here?

The church, which struggles to engage missionally with the world, is facing great change, and lay people are at the centre of this missional change.  God chooses the weak and unlikely to accomplish his purposes.


Why do we plant?

Planting offers the church a recognised way of being more missional, of engaging with those beyond our current communities of faith.


How do we start?

Planting (and all of missional discipleship) is a journey, and the beginning of this journey is a “story of discernment”, a personal call and vision.  What is it, and how do we discern this for ourselves?


What do we plant? (part 1)

New worship communities have a top 10 of key characteristics.  In part 1, we look at “being missional”, examining missional vision, missional culture, and the plan to make and grow disciple.


What do we plant? (part 2)

In part 2, we look at “being church”, examining the 5 Marks of a worship community:  Community, Discipleship, Mission, Leadership and Worship.


What do we plant? (part 3)

In part 3, we look at “being attentive”, examining reflecting your context, the power of small, the need for leader makers, and the need to be empowered by prayer.


How do we plant?

We look at the planting cycle, and we look at stories and examples of worship communities, local and international, and we re-visit our own call to mission.


How do we keep going?

How do we persist in our journey of missional discipleship?  We look at the power of urgency, the mystery of unfruitfulness, and the need for courage and perseverance.

There is a seat waiting for you...

Both the Tuesday and Thursday course are exactly the same in format and content - offered at two different times to make it possible for more people to attend. The first half an hour is for meeting together, getting a drink, making connections across the new parish. Then each week's session is 1.5 hours  long, and each session we will begin with a time of worship and then there are 3 teaching sections (comprising input, reflection and discussion).


The only thing you need to do is sign up so that we know who to expect and can ensure you a warm welcome. This really is open to everyone and we are doing all we can with your clergy leaders to ensure that we minimise other church commitments in this time to make it possible for everyone to attend. Can you get together with others you know and encourage each other to come together - get the bus together or car share.

All of the ordained leaders in our parishes have committed to being part of cultivate with you together as we journey together in to this next stage of responding to God's call to be his Church in St Helens.

Make a note in your diary of dates:

Tuesdays 12.30 - 2.30pm at St Andrews Dentons Green

20 & 27 September, 4, 11, 18 October, 1, 8, 16 November.

Thursdays 7-9pm at St Helens Parish Church

22 & 29 September, 6, 3, 20 October, 3, 10, 17 November.